Buddy's a young boy at approximately under 1 year(s) old. He was a little bit wild and more than a bit bossy when he came to us but he's calming down and is making a lovely lad.

Buddy is a lovely lad but he appears to have had a lot of his own way. He responds well to firm but calm handling but we can't take away the fact that he is a teenager and will be one for quite some time. He can jump like a kangaroo so he needs a very secure garden with a high fence. As with all young dogs he needs a lot of long line work before he can be let off loose. He is clean in his pen and is slowly picking up that pulling on a lead is not the way to go. But having too much of his own way in the past means he will try all means to get it now so he does need an experienced adopter. Once he knows and respects someone he is willing to learn and, when he's still, he's very lovable.
Because he has high energy, needs a lot of time and patience and is bouncy he needs a home where there are no children and he does need someone with some experience of dealing with wayward teenage collies who are not good with other dogs.

What we know about Buddy ...

All our dogs are assessed carefully but the FOSTBC cannot be held responsible for changes in their behaviour once they have been rehomed