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Sponsoring a Dog

You don't have to climb a mountain, swim a river, run a marathon or walk the coast line to help our dogs. It's great if you can do that but there are other ways you can help our dogs. Meet Maggie and find out how you can help without going out of your house!

Sponsoring a dog is a great way to help the Trust and at the same time you can select which of our Sanctuary dogs you would like to receive a certificate and information for.

Our dog for May is Maggie and you can visit her on our Sanctuary Dogs Link to find out how to sponsor her or any other of the dogs on that page.

Now here's the bit where you can really help our dogs please pass our information on to anyone you know who loves dogs, especially collies, and who would love to help but may not know yet about the Trust or our Sponsor Dogs. A little word of mouth can go a long way and for our dogs that means a lot.
Thank you

For a girl who had a lot of dislikes when we first met her Maggie has certainly mellowed

Maggie's list of dislikes included cats, kids, strangers, travel, vets, lead walking, coming back when called and most other dogs. She now walks out and plays with other dogs, likes being groomed and is a really nice friendly little girl around the Trust but she still has issues with people she doesn't know.
Maggie is a little bit of the Matriarch in our kennels, making sure that all the juniors think she is in charge and once she has made her presence felt she goes back to bed a very happy and contented lady!